Ioniser PortableMK11~ERI -2 Elanra

Ioniser PortableMK11~ERI -2 Elanra

Name: Ioniser PortableMK11~ERI -2 Elanra

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Ioniser PortableMK11~ERI -2 Elanra

The effects of being in a closed environment, e.g. car, caused by traffic fumes, & electrical systems can produce an overabundance of positive ions that can result in drowsiness and loss of concentration. The Elanra Mk111 is a fully programmable multi-use ioniser allows the user to benefit from negatively charged atmosphere with benefits of improved alertness, less irritability, and cleaner fresher air. It can run on a 9V battery or just plug in to a power outlet.  Portable ioniser range of 1mor 25sqm.•168mm Wide x 37mm High × 120mm Depth • 6.6” Wide × 145” High × 4.72” Depth. 31 programs. • Power sources: -90V – 250 V AC Mains Power – 50/60hz • 12V DC External Power Source • 9V Internal Battery.

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